Financially Stable Employees Are More Productive Employees

Financial pressure is everywhere. When employees suffer from financial stress it often results in lost productivity for employers

and lower company morale. The Community Loan Center of

Mid Michigan can offer relief with small dollar, affordable loans.


The Average Cost to Employers of Employees
Who Deal with Financial Issues at Work

Per Employee, Per Year. *

*Harris Interactive on Behalf of Purchasing Power (2013) cited in Financial Wellness:  Addressing the “9 to 5” Impact of 24/7 Financial Stress,  Power Behind the Purchase Series, A Purchasing Power White Paper, (July, 2013)  Note:  Report indicated 44% of employees worry about their personal finances during work hours and 46% of employees spend 2-3 hours per week at work dealing with personal finances so assuming 2 hours x $14/hour x 52 weeks=$1,456/yr.  annual cost of dealing with personal finances for each employee.

Partner With CLC Today To Enjoy These Benefits

Offer an innovative employee benefit to attract talent

100% free to employers and minimal time to administrators

Reduce costs associated with employee financial stress including absenteeism and illness

Reduces employee turnover & improves company morale

Reduce payroll advances

and 401 (k) loans

Reduce HR costs related to time spent on calls from employees' bill collectors

Our Process Is
Easy and Free for The Employer


Employer partners with CLC to offer small dollar loans


Employer applies for the loan


Employer receives notification and verifies employment


Upon loan approval, CLC sends Employee Repayment Schedule to employer


HR/Payroll sets up autopay deductions


Employee can enjoy immediate

relief and increased productivity

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