Not Enough Savings and Unexpected Expenses? 

Having a tough time finding fast and affordable financing? Community Loan Center of Mid Michigan can offer relief with small dollar, affordable loans.

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Everyone Faces
Unexpected Expenses
and Emergencies 

If you don’t have emergency savings to cover unexpected life events, you can quickly get your financial future off track by opting for high-cost internet payday and title loans, or high-interest revolving lines of credit.

There is a better option available!

If Your Employer
is Already Enrolled

If your employer is enrolled in the Community Loan Center of Mid Michigan program, you can quickly access a loan of up to $1,000 to cover anything that comes up, with no collateral or credit checks required.

If Your Employer
is Not Enrolled

If your employer isn’t enrolled yet, let them know that it’s quick and simple to partner with us. There is no cost to employers to offer this helpful benefit!

Our Process Is
Easy and Free for The Employer


Apply for a loan with CLC of

Mid Michigan


Pending employment verification and your signature, your loan will be deposited into your checking in two business days


Loans are automatically repaid through payroll deductions- the process is simple and easy

No Credit Checks & Affordable Monthly Payments
Employment Based Loans

Unlike predatory lending programs like payday loans and cash advances, CLC of Mid Michigan offers low cost, small dollar loans to employees of participating employers. Our application and approval process is fast and easy to navigate with no credit checks or underwriting requirements.

Benefits of A CLC Mid Michigan Loan

Loans available from

$400 to $1000

Loans can be used

for any purpose

Convenient online application available anytime

No credit history or collateral needed

12-month repayment with

no prepayment penalties

Access loan

funds quickly

Affordable monthly

payments through convenient payroll deduction

Free financial counseling

and education available

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