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We offer affordable employment-based loans to Mid Michigan residents to ensure greater financial security.

No Credit Checks & Affordable Monthly Payments
Employment Based Loans

Unlike predatory lending programs like payday loans, cash advances and title loans, CLC of Mid Michigan offers low cost, small dollar loans to employees of participating employers. Our application and approval process is fast and easy to navigate with no credit checks or underwriting requirements.


We Proudly Serve The Mid Michigan Area

When I Apply for a Loan, 
Do You Pull My Credit Report?

No, we do not pull credit reports when you apply. However, we do report your payment history to a credit bureau, which has the potential to help your credit by showing an extension of credit from a lender with a positive payment history.

If I Leave My Job, What
Happens to My Loan Payments?

Should you leave your participating CLC Employer, your scheduled loan payments will be drafted directly by CLC from the deposit account you provided on your loan application. We will continue to draft payments from this account until the loan is paid in full.

Are There Any Other Fees Associated With The Loan?

There is a $20 loan fee that you must pay. This fee is does not accrue interest and payment of the fee is divided evenly over the life of the loan. If you decide to borrow additional funds, then this fee will only be charged again if it has been over six months from the original loan application date.

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